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Documento – Meaningful schooling: researching a curriculum which makes relevance for teachers and children 5-14

Posted by Alberto Costa em 16 Dezembro, 2006

education-line.gif (…) But though the “hidden” and official curriculum of today’s schools is well designed to produce a high percentage of passes in national tests, most curricula are not so good at generating a widespread sense of inclusion, achievement, resilience, or personal meaning. (…) So this paper uses original research by the author(s) and a summary of current research by others to propose a curriculum heavy on relevance, emotional engagement and personal meaning. It argues that the existential heart of every child needs to be spoken to through the curriculum before they begin to develop positive attitudes to themselves and their world. This means designing a curriculum which can be experienced by every child as truly reflecting the world they see and live in. It also requires teachers to begin to see themselves as creative professionals, capable and confident to share curriculum design and delivery with the whole community – including its children.

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