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The etwinning project : a study with portuguese 9th grade students

Posted by Alberto Costa em 3 Agosto, 2007

logori2.gif In this paper we present a pedagogical experience with 9th grade Portuguese students attending an eLearning Programme of the European Union named eTwinning Project. The main goal of this EU project is to create a network of collaborative work between European schools, involving all school levels in the development of common projects through the use of Information and Communication Technologies, specially the Internet. The eTwinning Project we present in this pap er was named Crossing the Borders and engaged a Portuguese school in Braga, Portugal and a similar school in the Czech Republic during the school year of 2006/2007. The implementation of an innovative and motivating strategy was at the basis of the project. It should promote not only a broad range of ICT skills, but also the students’ moral and social development. In this paper we present the results of asemester of electronic twining experience


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