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Artigo – Socio-political role of Physical Education and Sport: political objectives of Physical Education

Posted by Alberto Costa em 17 Julho, 2009

efdlogo Abstract: The objective of the paper is to scrutinize three objectives of PE. The debate is conducted through the analysis of each objective separately, though in reality they do not occur like that. Within this context, these three different, though strictly connected, objectives of PE are discussed. The effect and influence of PE over individuals is debated in the ‘Physical objective of PE’ – where PE exerts a certain kind of physical discipline/control over the body through its training. The ‘Cultural objective of PE’ analyzes the establishment of the Sport culture inside society, the extent of its effectiveness, and aspects related to the worshiping of the sportive order. And the third, the ‘Social objective of PE’ analyzes the role played by PE to maintain and reinforce social inequity and PE’s complete disconnection with other major social problems and structures.



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